Insurance Firm: Apple iPad Mini is the Most Fragile Tablet in Europe

Apple iPad MiniTablet users in the United Kingdom should be particularly aware that the iPad Mini is recently called as the most fragile model. The report comes from SquareTrade Europe, an insurance firm that tested how fragile different tablet models in Europe are. These devices are rated on common factors such as grip-ability, water resistance, construction, weight and design. Then, they will be subjected through a series of test including dropping an actual device onto a hard concrete from a certain height.

Results are combined to give these devices appropriate “breakability scores” and the Apple iPad Mini came out worst. The second the list is a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the third is another tablet, the Apple iPad Air.

Samsung comes again in the third place with Samsung Galaxy S3. Other tablets included in the list are 2012 Edition of Nexus 7 tablet that comes in at sixth, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 that comes in seventh place and finally in ninth position is the 2013 Edition of Nexus 7.

Clearly, when UK consumers are planning to invest on a tablet, they should make sure that they’re getting their money’s worth.

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