Microsoft Surface 2 Becomes Preferred Tablet for Some London Schools

Microsoft Surface 2A few hundred Surface 2 tablets will soon be available for the London School of Business and Finance’s St Patrick’s College. Eventually, these tablets will be available for all students. Second year students who study hard and attend classes will receive these devices as an incentive. These schools are looking for Office 2013 and after looking across many devices, the Surface 2 is selected.

The tablet and its software solution allow students to managed documents during their course. This is possible since the Surface 2 comes with a solid integration of Office 365, which is currently used by some schools in London. The Surface 2 are not based on real PC solution, since it’s powered by ARM processor platform and lightweight Windows RT operating system. For some schools and businesses, the Surface 2 offers a good mix of future-proofing solutions, compare to various Android tablets and the iPad.

Many professionals are also familiar with Microsoft’s application framework and this could give them a good head-start. However, the Windows RT has a reputation of being less versatile than the full-fledged Windows 8.x OS. It couldn’t run traditional x86 Windows PC software, used by laptops and desktops.

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