Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for Apple iPad Air

Logitech iPad Air KeyboardApple shaves down the overall footprint of iPad Mini and consequently not all accessories can be fitted into it. The new Ultrathin Keyboard Cover solves the problem and compared to the previous model, the layout hasn’t changed and the keys should be as good as ever.

When Logitech first debuted the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, it was really the slimmest iPad keyboard. It comes with an innovative magnetic clasp design that works like the Smart Cover. But after other manufacturers release their own version of thin keyboards; Logitech’s offering doesn’t seem quite so sleek anymore. So the company needs to release a new product that has solid build quality and uncompromising keyboard; which could be attached to the iPad Mini.

It attaches quite cleanly to the tablet and feels quite rock-solid. Users should find the matte keys comfortable and have solid travel. Users should be able to type quickly with the keyboard and it feels great to use. It is possible to type quickly and conveniently when using the keyboard and after all, this would likely why users purchase a physical keyboard for iPad in the first place.

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