Six Long Lasting Tablets for UK Consumers

Best Tablets in UKNo matter how appealing a tablet is, UK consumers should choose a model based on a multitude of factors. From comfort to performance; features to design; we should inject out brain with enough information about a particular product.

Having said that, we should include battery life as one metric that really affects the whole functionality of tablet. Clearly, there’s not much we could do with a dead chunk of slate, if we run out of battery juice.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0: It’s one of the longest-lasting tablets in the United Kingdom, providing about 10 hours of battery life with moderate usage. Priced at $299 or £199, it’s a good alternative to the original Apple iPad Mini.
  2. Google Nexus 7: It scores 11.5 hours of battery life, which is impressive for an Android tablet. It also offers minimalist design, sharp screen and fast performance.
  3. Microsoft Surface 2: The productivity tablet offers 11.6-hour of battery life, which could appease any business user.
  4. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10: Although marred with unimpressive user interface and display quality; the tablet could deliver about 12.4 hours of battery life.
  5. Apple iPad Air: It’s probably the best thing we can buy in the tablet market and users won’t be disappointed to get 13.2 hours of battery life.
  6. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8: It’s not the most impressive tablet, but with 14.2 hours of battery life; the Yoga Tablet 8 is still something worth talking about.
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