Specific Tablets Apps Could Improve Our Eyesight

Tablets AppsMany people need an excuse to spend much more time with their tablets and they are often accused to bring some negative impacts to our body. But contrary to popular belief, a recent study shows that regular exposure to these mobile devices could actually improve our vision. Obviously, this couldn’t be achieved by simply using the tablet arbitrarily.

Researchers find that it’s possible to see many times the distance of normal people (up to 300 percent) when we use perceptual learning apps at least four times each week. For the test, a team from the University of California asked baseball players to run a specific perceptual learning for four days a week, half an hour each.

The app trains users to find and choose visual pattern, which could stimulate neurons in the visual cortex of their brain. In essence, the app can help brain to respond to inputs better.

Researchers argue that we could train our brain like the way we increase physical fitness by going to gym. The app brought favorable improvements after two months of use. Baseball players suffered less eye-fatigue, could see further, had greater peripheral vision and could spot the ball quicker. This could be a good opportunity for developers to deliver an app that improves users’ vision.

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