UK Consumers Will Purchase Fewer Tablets This Year

New UK TabletsBuyer’s remorse is likely to strike consumers in the UK early this year, causing consumers to save for premium tablet models and move away from cheap ones. The explosive growth of UK market is fuelled by the availability of multiple cheaper Android models. Tablets sales may decline to 14 million this year, compared 17 million in 2013.

Aldi, Argos and Tesco have jumped on the affordable tablets bandwagon last year and they seek to provide far cheaper alternatives compared to products released by the likes of Samsung, Nokia and Apple, among others. According to statistics, nearly half of UK population now uses a tablet, a slight increase from two years ago.

It is expected that the next big wave in UK tablet market will arrive in a couple of years when consumers who purchased their tablet last year and this year, start to replace them. This year, consumers are more likely to replace their old smartphones and PCs. Low-end, affordable devices have fuelled significant demand, but many consumers have realised that entry-level models would under-perform for more complex tasks compared to their more expensive counterparts. It’s clear that users may need to adjust their sales goals accordingly this year.

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