Windows 8 Tablet With Bay Trail Processor Will Be Affordable For UK Consumers

Windows 8 TabletWe could be wondering why tablet models with Intel Atom Bay Trail processor and Windows 8 OS are typically cheaper than ARM-based models with less capable Windows RT OS. Apparently, Intel has subsidized the manufacturing cost of Bay Trail tablets and the company plans to do this until the economies of scale could bring the overall prices down.

The weakening PC sales have started to affect Intel’s bottom lines and the company is seeking to have a stronger presence in the mobile market. The subsidy should help the company to fend off the fierce competition from Nvidia, Samsung, Qualcomm, Apple, Mediatek and other chip makers.

The Intel Bay Trail processor also proves to be a rather versatile platform. It is originally restricted to devices with Windows 8.x operating system; but Intel has added support for Android OS. This would add a new 64-bit processor into the mobile market; allowing manufacturers to better compete with Apple iPad and Retina-capable iPad Mini, which are powered by the A7 64-bit processor. For UK consumers, they will benefit from the availability of more sub-£200 tablets in the market.

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