X-Doria Releases Dash Folio Case for Apple iPad

X Doria Dash Folio CaseMany UK consumers prefer to carry their iPad in a case where they can prop up the tablet to watch any video content conveniently. The Dash Folio from X-Doria is one of such case and users could find it functional and visually appealing.

Users could insert their iPad into the enclosure and the case will surround the sides and back of their Apple iPad. There are openings for the ringer switch, Lightning port, mics, headset jack and camera. Nubs can be used to control the power and volume. With the case, users can rest the front flap to the back piece to put the tablet in portrait orientation.

Users can open up the Folio and rotate it to watch videos on their tablet in landscape orientation. They can use the iPad in multiple angles by resting it into specific notches. There’s a hinge when users slide out the bottom of their tablet in the frame piece. When using the tablet in landscape orientation, the angled piece could function as a rather solid stand.

The hinged back could also give users extra protection on the back against accidental bumps. On the front, there is also a hinged piece, which allows users to use their iPad in a specific angle for convenient typing.

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