UK Consumers Will Soon Receive Pre-ordered Nokia Power Keyboard

Nokia Lumia 2520

In the United Kingdom, the Nokia Lumia 2520 is available exclusively from John Lewis starting from December 4. For more than a month, the Nokia Power Keyboard has been available for pre-order and users could get it for just £149.95. Finally, the stock has been filled and UK customers who have ordered the device will obtain the device soon. The Lumia 2520 itself is available for £399 and with the Power Keyboard, users need to pay £550 for the whole package.

The keyboard comes with built-in battery, which could extend the battery for another five hours. Other than the full-size QWERTY physical keyboard and touchpad; there are also a couple of full-sized USB ports. There are two color options, red and black; it measures 270.5 x 179 x 300 mm and weighs 571 grams.

For productive users, the Nokia Power Keyboard will be an essential add-on; since it allows for faster text and spreadsheet editing and they could also get longer battery life. Consequently, there have been plenty of excitement and interest around the new tablet accessory. Nokia knows about the delay and it has been working hard with retailers and suppliers to make the whole thing happen.

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