Tablets Still Won’t Replace PC Completely in the UK This Year

New Tablets in UKAccording to earlier researchers, most tablets in UK are purchased by existing PC owners. In many cases, these mobile devices are not meant to accompany PC, but to replace it completely. But to this day, it is debatable whether tablets would eventually kill the PC industry.

However, most tablets sold in the UK market has 8-inch display or smaller. This would make tablets currently used by consumers ill suited for full PC experience. In fact, based on usage data analysis, tablets are used more at nighttime and PC usages are heavier during work hours or day time. So, the usage pattern in the UK is still tablet by night and PC by day.
It is clear that the PC industry is losing the competition in 2013 and this is just a shift toward the new equilibrium.

At certain level, the market will stabilize and we could see a steady composition of tablets and PCs in the market. There is still a possibility that the year 2014 would mark a turnaround for the UK PC industry and it may catch us by surprise. The tablet and PC markets in the UK could eventually swing like pendulum, because each consumer has unique computing requirements.

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